the magic of the forgeI was introduced into the blacksmithing world when watching a friend make a poker. I was immediately drawn into the magical world of this craft.

It wasn't long before I had found an anvil and a small hand forge and my blacksmithing world started.

Small woodburning stove

I had fallen in love so passionately with this amazing craft .

My first commission being for the window of my brother and his business partners hair salon.

This was the point when my son was born so I decided to give up my fulltime job and start blacksmithing from a small workshop I created in my garden .

Shortly after I was very fortunate to be able to be trained at The Hereford College of Technology –Holme Lacey. Being trained by some of the countries best Blacksmiths.
Since then I have been building on my passion for this craft. I now find myself running Shaftesbury forge.

Picture of the mobile forge in actioI also enjoy participating in a few festivals each year.
This enables me to pass on my skills and creativity teaching children and parents this wonderful craft. A craft which is often not seen in everyday life .

A huge positive energy shared by all involved. I Feel very passionate about being able to share my knowledge with others through teaching as it brings out a wonderful creativity within us all. Which leaves a strong feeling of pride in what you have created.

“Its a kind of magic”