the A few years ago I was commissioned to make a wood burner for a friend using a gas bottle which turned out to be such a  success that i decided to make a few more for my stock .

They sold instantly and have been very popular since.

There are many different size bottles available so burners can be used in a lot of different places.

Homes, sheds, gardens, summerhouses, workshops, boats, campers, yurts,
the list goes on and on.

woodburner in action These burners have a very quirky look and can be adapted to any shape and design you require. The sky is the limit regarding design.

I also use the bottles to make contained fires for your gardens and patios which can back up as BBQ's too.

The bottles are made of thick steel and do not crack like cast burners can.

They are very strong and produce an incredible amount of heat .You can also burn  surprisingly large  logs in them and have no problem with them "staying in" overnight.

The beauty of the bottles is that they are recycled and can be used in such versatile ways that they are loved by all who own them .

These are few basic burners I have made, mostly pictured at my forge.

Patio fire burner Long stove